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  We use cookies for the sole purpose of analyzing traffic and improving the performance of the WAX AND CRAFT page, while taking appropriate technical and organizational measures to securely process your data, e.g. IP address aliasing. Google Analytics information (with anonymization function) We use Google Analytics to record the website traffic waxland.gr . Google Analytics is the most popular traffic metering service, which is technically based on the use of cookies. We use the Google Analytics service in order to improve the website waxland.gr , for example to decide which page we should improve and how, but also to evaluate its visibility. Important Note: We do not use third party placement providers. The data collection time is 26 months. Google Analytics is owned by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043-1351, United States. Google cookies are used to store certain information, such as the duration of the visit to WAX AND CRAFT , the type of browser used, the location from which the visit originated, and their frequency. In order to access this data, we allow Google Analytics to place cookies on the hard drive of the visitor’s computer or other electronic device. Each time you visit a different page within the WAX AND CRAFT , the browser you use submits data to the Google Analytics platform automatically, encrypted and aliased. Important Note: In July 2020, the Court of Justice of the European Union annulled European Commission Decision 2016/1250 on the adequacy of the protection afforded by the European Union privacy shield – United States of America (known as Privacy Shield). Prior to this decision, the transfer of personal data to the US, including the transfer in the case of Google Analytics, was based on this decision of adequacy. This processing is now based on Google’s standard data protection clauses (Article 46 of the General Data Protection Regulation) and, in the alternative, with your explicit consent, in accordance with the terms of Article 49 (1) (a) of the GCC, given the absence of a decision of adequacy . Furthermore, as personal data subjects, you should be aware that your metadata may be used by Google to create a profile and transmit it to its computers in the United States, where appropriate public prosecutor and national security authorities may request and gain access. according to the US institutional framework. In the context of Google Analytics, WAX AND CRAFT uses the “ Anonymize IP “. With this feature, your IP address is restricted by Google and aliased when you access the WAX AND CRAFT website. More information about your Google data processing policy can be found at Google privacy policy and for the use of cookies within the Analytics service here. Technical information about Google Analytics cookies is available here. You can block your data collection altogether via Google Analytics by installing the add-on in your browser: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout   Log Files Due to the nature and mode of operation of the internet, as soon as you visit WAX AND CRAFT , our server logs your IP address in a special log file, which is personal data, even if we are not able to identify you on this basis. In addition, logs also help us to record information about the type of browser and operating system you are using and other information about your online visit, such as the URL from which you reached WAX AND CRAFT , the date and time of your visit. This information is stored exclusively for the absolutely necessary period in order to ensure the security of networks, information and services from accidental events or illegal or malicious actions that endanger the availability, authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of the stored or transmitted data ( eg control of “denial of service” attacks).   How to control cookies via browser Every user of WAX AND CRAFT has the ability to change the settings in the browser (web browser) he uses in relation to cookies and their acceptance. You can choose, depending on the browser, between automatically accepting all cookies (usually this is set as the default), having a warning that cookies are used in certain cases and generally not allowing the use of cookies. To manage and disable cookies, follow the relevant instructions per browser: & nbsp; How you can control cookies through our page You can check the installation of cookies by us, as well as choose which ones to use from the relevant control panel of the “GDPR Cookie Consent” add-on that appears at the beginning, with your visit on our website. For more information about Cookies please visit http://www.allaboutcookies.org/cookies/ .